MC =Tom Bibo - Belgium


Alexander Solomatin & Vadim Shushkanov - La Russie 

Alberto Falcone - L'Hongrie

Rob Balchunas - Les EU

  • workshop 1 : Superhero Backpacks
  • workshop 2 : Favourite Facial Expressions

Addi 'Balloon Hat' Somekh - Les EU

  • workshop 1 : Introduction to Abstract Balloon Hats
  • workshop 2 : Advanced Balloon Hats (sequel to intro !)
  • workshop 3 : MasterClass 'Making Music with Balloons' + Concert !

Eddy Smits - La Belgique

  • workshop 1 : So much more than a Balloon !

Diane Kimono Kichijitsu - Le Japon

  • An Evening with Diane Kimono ! Rakugo ,laughter yoga , balloon art ...

Hyun-Gu Park - La Corée du Sud 

  • workshop 1 : Balloon Animals & Characters
  • workshop 2 : Balloon Gifts

Ken 'Flash' Stillman - Les EU

  • workshop 1 : Balloon Beads
  • workshop 2 : Human Distortion made Easy

Twistina & Twistopher - GB

  • workshop 1 : Twistina's latest 5 minute Balloon Delights
  • workshop 2 : Twistina's Established Models

Antonio Becares Rodriguez - l'Espagne

  • workshop 1 : Animated Balloons
  • workshop 2 : Antonio's winning 12 minute balloon creations and more ...
  • workshop 3 : Pinch-line technique & other 'inspiraling' techniques !
  • workshop 4 : The Side Bubbler 

Flipo - La Belgique

  • workshop 1 : Basic Techniques in Balloon Modeling 

Peter Kramer - La Suisse

  • workshop 1 : Reduce to the max
  • workshop 2 : Twin-Twist and other helpful techniques

Phileas Flash - Le Canada

  • workshop 1 : Face 2 Face
  • workshop 2 : Playing poker with balloon dogs
  • workshop 3 : Jamming on all frequencies
  • workshop 4 : Packs flat ,Plays Big !

Manon Dudziak - La France

  • workshop 1 : Succes with a simple base !
  • workshop 2 : Evolution of the basic hat !
  • workshop 3 : Handpuppets 

Brenda & Petra alias The Macaroni Girls - Les Pays Bas 

  • workshop 1 : Heart Cuties (Brenda & Petra)
  • workshop 2 : Balloon Hairdecorations and more (Brenda & Petra)
  • workshop 3 : CreaAirBubble Decorations by CreaRose (Brenda)

2.Free Jamming ... with the Very Best Balloons !


24/24 Jammin’ the night away ! 

.... and the balloons are 100% sponsored by Qualatex !!!!

”Travel light” because all the balloons that you need will be free at your disposal !We booked the ball room as Jam Head Quarters where the die-hard can twist and jam 24/24 from Sunday 06/11/2010 ! It’s the place and time to experiment , be creative , try stuff out with old and new friends in a relax setting ! Or just make your competition entries !! You can try the new colours and shapes : the widest range of modeling balloons will be available i.e. the full range of Qualatex , all the new colours and shapes ....

These balloons are free but of course only for use in the Jam Room !
Feel free to make anything you want but please do not abuse the generosity of our sponsor so that we can count on his support for future Jams ! 
Thank you !


3.Iron Latex Man Challenge

The One and Only Life-Altering , Nerve-Wrecking Iron Latex-Man Challenge !!

When the going gets tough ...


Each participant receives the exact same assortment:

same number

same type

same colors


Everyone gets exactly 45 minutes to create a balloon figure using all the balloons offered.


This year we are raising the bar : at the start of the Iron Latex Man Challenge , the theme for the creation will be announced !


The Challenge will be held before a live audience in the Jam room on Monday November 9th 2015 at 20.00hrs sharp !!


Every member of the audience present can vote, the scores will be added and the total of this score will determine who the winner is !

No second or third place, winner takes all !

  • the famous Ferrari-red gold embroidered baseball cap
  • a special diploma
  • three bottles of the finest Champaign
  • Psychological assistance will be on stand-by ! 


    4.Balloon Modeling Competition

    Each balloon entertainer registered for the “full package” can participate in this contest with one or more creations.

    The rules:

    1.There are 2 categories : all balloons must be Qualatex balloons !
    -One ballon creation
    -Multi balloon creation

    2.Final delivery of the creation on wednesday 11/11/15  at 17:00 in room 2

    3.The balloon creations are to be made on the premises and by the participating contestants only

    4.The jury will consist of at least 4 instructors appointed by the organizers

    5.Each creation is to be submitted under the name of only one contestant; however, it is allowed to work on one creation by multiple twisters or to submit more than one creation per contestant

    6.Prizes will be awarded as followed:

  • 1st place:
  • ◦trophy and diploma
    ◦2500 Qualatex 260Q’s
  • 2nd place:
  • ◦trophy and diploma
    ◦1500 Qualatex 260Q’s
  • 3rd place
  • ◦trophy and diploma
    ◦1000 Qualatex 260Q’s

    Push your boundaries ! Good luck to all contestants!

    5.Stage Competition : Wednesday 11/11/15

    This year we decided to re-instate the competition for balloon-acts-on-stage .Each contestant will be able to bring his act in a professional way with good sound and light  and time to rehearse !

    The acts cannot be longer than 12 minutes !

    If you wish to participate ,please send an email to Bidou , the man who is in charge of the stage competition ;

    Here is his email :

    He will give you the answers to all your questions ! 


    1. The Competitors :

    a. The competitors must be full package attendees of The Millennium Jam (TMJ) and their registration must have been received the latest 2 weeks before the start of TMJ.

    b. The competitors accept the decision these rules and the decisions of the jury; against these decisions no appeal is possible.

    c. The number of contestants will be limited to 12.

    2. The Jury :

    a. The jury will consist of 6 members and will be selected by the organisation of the Millennium Jam.

    b. The members of the jury will be professional balloon artists with the necessary qualifications to judge the artistic value of a performance.

    1. One of the members will be appointed to act as secretary and another as timekeeper.
    1. The audience will be jury also for 1/3 of every contestant’s note.

    3. The Contest :

    a. Every competitor will be asked to attend a general rehearsal before the actual performance to check lights, sound and stage direction.

    b. The rehearsal will start by a lottery, which will give the order of the show and the order of the rehearsal.

    c. Every competitor must be present backstage at the beginning of the competition

    d. The performance must have a minimum duration of five minutes and a maximum of 12 minutes.

    e. The artistic value of the performance must be focused on balloons.

    4. The Judging :

    a. The jury will judge the candidates with impartiality.

    b. The jury will give points for the following aspects of the performance :

    - Presentation skills : costume, use of balloons, aesthetics.

    - Technical skills : manipulation, degree of difficulty.

    - Originality.

    - Composition of the act.

    1. Every member of the jury will quote on 100 points, the secretary will calculate an average.
    1. Every member of the audience will quote 50 points, the secretary will calculate an average.
    1. The secretary will add those two notes to get a final quote of 150 points.

    f. A competitor whose act is an apparent copy of an existing act will be disqualified.

    1. A competitor can get his score sheet from the secretary of the jury after the award ceremony.
    1. Every overtaking time will be penalize by 10 points for each extra minute.

    5. The Prizes :

    a. The prizes will be awarded according to the total number of points that the competitor obtained for his performance.

    b. The three highest totals will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and will receive the following prizes

    1st place :

    - A certificate and a trophy.

    - A voucher with a value of Euro 250.

    2nd place :

    - A certificate and a trophy

    - A voucher with a value of Euro 150.

    3rd place :

    - A certificate and a trophy.

    - A voucher with a value of Euro 100.

    Good luck to all and ...may the best man or woman win !


    6.Ladies Day : Tuesday 10/11/15

    Tuesday is Ladies Day . All the teachers will be talented women who are all excellent balloon-entertainers !

    7.An Evening with Diane !  Tuesday 10/11/15
    The incredibly talented Diane 'Kimono' Kichijitsu will take centerstage on Tuesday evening ! She is a highly regarded Rakugo performer , a traditional form
     comical Japanese theater . She will also tell about her experiences while working with balloons in the region that was wrecked by the tsunami . The evening will close with a healthy dose of 'laughter-yoga' .

    .8.Unpopable -  The Concert : Sunday 08/11/15   entrance = €10 !

    Addi 'Balloon Hat' Somekh will be coming to the Millennium Jam and he will not be alone : his band Unpopable (yes with one P !) will travel with him ! 
    He will teach a few awesome Balloon Hat classes and on Sunday 8/11 he will be hosting a unique Master Class about 'Making Music with Balloons' , starting at 18.30hrs !!   After the Master Class the other bandmembers will join him on stage for a once-in-a-lifetime crazy concert !
    Ambiance till the early hours is guaranteed !!  For the Masterclass + The Concert we ask a small contribution of 10€ pp !
    Don't miss this kick-ass jumpstart of the Jam ! 


    9. The Project : AN AMAZING MAZE  : Wednesday 03/11/15 !

    After a (too) long sabbatical of 5 years , 'The Balloon Festival .. unlike any Other !' returns in full force ! For its great Come Back , the Millennium Jam offers you a colossal balloon performance upon your arrival at the Sunparks Gym !A mega balloon decor of a size and a proportion that will transcent your wildest imagination !
    Didier 'Canniballoon' Dvorak and his team of decorators are loading up on balloons and equipment to realise a yet un seen world record structure !!
    After this Jam , there will be two categories of people : those who can say 'I was there , I saw it with my own eyes !' and the others ....
    Don't stay on the side ! Come early and join the fun ! It will be an incredible experience !


    10.Closing Award Gala : Thursday 12/11/15    20.30hrs sharp !

    The Millennium Jam will be closed by a magnificent gala featuring several  instructors and our MC (and his mystery guest ?)

    The winners of the different contests will be announced as well. Naturally, this gala evening is free for all “full package” attendees, but not registered visitors can attend this memorable Award Gala for a small fee  of 10 euro.