The largest maze ever built with the Very Best Balloons !



Canniballoon - Switzerland

Project Leader Didier Dvorak of Canniballoon , Switzerland 

After a (too) long sabbatical of 5 years  , 'The Balloon Festival .. unlike any Other !'  returns in full force ! For its great Come Back Edition , the Millennium Jam offers you a colossal balloon performance upon your arrival at the Sunparks Gym !

A mega balloon decor of a size and a proportion that will transcent your wildest imagination : a enormous maze made with Quicklinks including five secret chambers !
Didier 'Canniballoon' Dvorak and his team of decorators are loading up on balloons and equipment to realise a yet unseen world record structure !!
After this Jam , there will be two categories of people : those who can say 'I was there , I saw it with my own eyes !'  and .... the others !!
Don't stay on the side ! Come early and join the fun ! It will be an incredible experience ! 

A few numbers to illustrate this  :
1 project leader
4 team leaders
12 balloon decorators 
4 days and nights of inflation

4 inflation stations 
600 square meters or app. 6500 sq.feet
85,000 - 100,000 Very Best Balloons of  Qualatex